Monday, September 10, 2012

Trail Day at Tranquility

Since I had missed the trailday at Manawa, I decided that I would make it out to the one at Tranquility today. Well after an interesting morning of being stranded out in Lincoln (car battery was dead after fog lights were accidentally turned on), I finally made it back to Omaha and to the trail shortly after 3pm.

Get some speed, and then...

Yeah, can you make it up that???

What I came out to find were tools of all sorts being used, people of all ages working on the trail, and people helping out in every which way they could. It was time to finish digging in some new trail that Paul, Chris, and possibly others had started.

Bill and Dave working hard on the turn around section

Lots of people out today to help

A little less steep would be great!

This is like a real worksite. Supervisors everywhere! Just kidding guys.

The new section is at the far northwest section of the swamp/wetlands at Tranquility. While it may seem tame as you first enter it, there is a fast swoopy section near the end with a "good luck getting over that climb" at the end. Many have tried, only one has succeeded (Karl made it over on about his 10th try). Thanks to THOR and Paul/Chris and others for adding on to our already awesome trail we call Tranquility.

Now that Dave's daughter is married, he needs to practice his babysitting skills. 

After seeing this, I don't think I'm going to try it on the next MNR. Not yet. I'll let you guys pack it down first!

The first victim from Misterlime on Vimeo.

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  1. I like Dave telling the kids not to run with sharp tools. Good advice for all of us really. Wait, is one of the "supervisors" looking at his mobile device? Lots of good stuff here Mike.