Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My first Rodeo

Yee haw! Well not that kind of rodeo. But the kind where kids ride around on bikes, crashing into each other, and leave skid marks as long as your sidewalk (you all know that you did it on your Huffys when you were younger). In other words, a bike rodeo!

It wasn't really this dark yet, but you can trick the camera into believing so and get some trick sunset photography.
The kiddos were getting their licenses for completing the course

Paul invited me to help volunteer at a bike rodeo with Dan from Bike Masters up at Heritage Elementary school (in Bennington), literally up the street from me. I had no clue that a school was even up there. Built and finished this year. Crazy stuff. Anyway, it sounded like fun so I said why not? We were there to help with bike adjustments, inflate tires, and properly fit helmets. I think Dan also helped a kid who had fallen and scraped themselves up.

If you set the camera to a longer exposure mode, then hold the camera still, you can get some cool ghosting effects with movement. Like the girl on the scooter in the foreground. Click on the photo for the bigger example.

Kids were on razor scooters, bikes, trikes, and even a powered scooter (cheating!). And kids were flying in the circle, running into each other, tipping over on training wheels, you name it. It was pandemonium! But they had fun and I had fun helping out. The sunset was gorgeous that evening and I tried to take what I could with my little Canon.

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