Thursday, September 13, 2012

No wonder why American companies are failing?

Just came across this article regarding the Chevy Volt. Cool looking vehicle with lithium polymer batteries coupled to a gasoline engine. Go green, right? But the problem is that the car costs $89,000 to produce. The cars are for sale for $39,995 and with cheap lease programs, people are driving around in them for as little as $5050 for two years according to the article. Does this make any sense to you? At this rate, GM is going to need another bailout. Interesting article, check it out.

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  1. this is the car the govt forced chevy to build. As part of the bailout agreement, chevy had to produce an electric car. It was fully developed but a loser due to cost to build. If you look at the sales numbers, 75% of the volts are leased to the govt or their entities. The rest are rotting on dealer lots because no one wants them. The volt was one turd that should have been flushed...