Monday, September 10, 2012

Taco Ride Alternative #2!!!

Another round of the taco ride alternative proved to be a very fun trip down to Stir Concert Cove. Cody, Dave P and I headed down last Thursday to Stir. We only had intentions of riding down, listening to Dirty Headz (sound a lot like Sublime) and to Matisyahu (Jewish rapper), and then riding back.

It was a Salsa kind of day

Love the scenery as you head out to Stir.

Can't beat two free tix into a concert!

The best view of the concert???

Dirty Headz up

Matisyahu throwing down the rhymes

I didn't realize how close Stir is from downtown. We parked near Greenstreet, rode the bridge, and right around the corner you are there. We parked our bikes, Dave P was cool to bring tacos from the food truck, chips, and pretzels. Chip man follows through everytime! Buddy Jeremy and his gf Mintah were just walking up the sidewalk as we pulled up. And then my neighbor and other neighbor pulled into the parking lot right behind us. And then my buddy from high school calls me and asked if I wanted to go gambling, he was driving up from Lincoln. I told him where we were and he joined us. Holy cow, it was like an unplanned get together.
Was pretty cool, he let fans up on the stage during the last song

The opener started and we were enjoying the sounds. Stir has a pretty good audio system, even when you are sitting outside the gate (which alot of people do). While sitting there, a kid walks up and asks if we want some free tickets to the concert. Somehow he had bought some off of Craigslist and ended up with extra. Didn't even want money for them, just gave them to us (they were $42 to get in that day). Heck yeah we'll take them. So we got two tickets, Dave P had to get back to downtown, and Joel just ended up buying a ticket to get in. The one day that I don't bring a bike lock is the night that I needed to lock up the Muk. Luckily Dave P had a lock and a cable, which Cody and I used to lock up our bikes on the bike rack. Thanks Dave P for the food and letting us use your locks. You saved the day!

yeah, it ended up becoming one of those crazy nights!

 Jeremy and his girl Mintah 

The concert was great! Music was good, both Dirty Headz and Matisyahu sounded great! I actually knew more tunes by Dirty Headz even though I have all of the Matishyahu albums. But both did  a good job. Concert ended and Cody and I rode back to our cars. Well somehow Cody's key fell off of his keychain. Shoot, so I drove him back to his place to get his key and then back downtown. It was all good, it happens. Good times! Dave P wants to hit up Dwight Yoakam on Friday, Sept 28 and I see that Ben Folds plays the night before. Anyone down for another TRA?

Time to ride home! Love this view!

Sometimes when the camera accidentally goes off, you get a surprisingly cool picture!

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