Sunday, September 23, 2012

A stroll around the neighborhood

A buddy of mine from Lincoln came into town today, we had lunch, and I missed all of the riding action at Calvin Crest and at Swanson. Thanks to all of the folks from THOR for working on that bridge at Calvin Crest, awesome job guys (link below).

The weather was too nice so I decided to hop on the bike at 5pm and see how to safely make my way over to Standing Bear. Instead, I headed west and hopped from neighborhood to neighborhood just checking out the beautiful big houses. Very impressive is all that I can say. Although, I don't see the reason for living on a golf course. There was one street, where the block only consisted of one row of houses. So behind the backyard, was another street with houses facing their backyards. Basically you look out the back window of your house and see right into the front door of the house behind you. I've never seen anything like that.

Got in 15 miles of neighborhood street riding. I biked from my place, all through the neighborhoods, past Greg's place, out to Sherwin Williams on Maple, and then made my way back. There are some pretty steep hills out there.

I was almost back home, looked across a field and saw this house in a regular expensive neighborhood. Really looked out of place!

I started off my morning with Halloween Cap'n Crunch, I bought it ONLY because it turns your milk green.

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