Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Those crunchy ribs at MNR


Ahhh it felt good to get out and ride dirt. Nearly three weeks for me I think! Finally life is back to normal, minus the beginning of Husker season which consumes my Saturdays. But that's okay. Trail is still dry, looks like most vegetation is done growing so now its time to just enjoy the ride. I watched as Chris cleared the new section over and over. I couldn't bring myself to try it, knowing in the back of my mind that I might flip backwards and land on my head. Just a matter of finding the right line I guess.

After a lap, the sun is already beginning to set. Almost time to charge up those lights and bring true meaning to the name Monday NIGHT ride

We had a fairly good sized group, including rider Bethany who brought up her blue Mukluk from Auburn. Hoping that she had fun on her first time at Tranquility. Thanks to Dale for taking the time to ride with her. I got out of work late and got to the trail late, but still managed to get some riding in with the gang.

Group gets bigger and bigger

Who knew that crunchy ribs would make you act drunk. Haha. Or at least this seemed the case after last night's ride. Paul #2 was heard crunching down on some ribs by most of the folk on the lower half of the driveway. We all laughed because at first we thought he was eating chips. But nope! He was eating ribs that Steve had brought over. And he was drinking Pepsi, but man those crunchy ribs sure made him act and ask funny questions. Anyway, good times last night. To another great Monday Night Ride!

Sister Mukluk was out tonight

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