Monday, September 10, 2012

Canvas prints, not too shabby!

I had asked a few of you fellow photographers/friends on input regarding canvas photo prints. Nobody I knew had actually gotten them done. Prices varied, with cheapest being through online order and also at Costco. I came across a deal at Ritz camera online, with their canvas prints being 1/2 off through last month. Having worked at Ritz Camera at Westroads for 5 years when they were open, I knew about their stringent quality control of going through each photo/print and making sure that they were of the highest quality. Yes, we were required to look through each 4x6 print for color and quality control. If it wasn't right, we had to go back and reprint them.

Knowing that Ritz does a good job, I gave it a go. Ordered two 16 X 20 Canvas prints at $44 each (this was already half off!) and they arrived about a week later. Costco was about the same price as Ritz's half off sale.

How'd they turn out? Pretty cool I think! No need to frame and it gives you a different perspective on your otherwise normal print. So while $44 sounds pretty expensive, most frames that I buy on sale are that expensive alone. Throw in my usual $20 photo print on metallic paper and you are looking at $50 or more for a framed print. Need custom framing and your cost has just skyrocketed! I have yet to hang them, but they look pretty darn good sitting on my floor!


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