Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taco Ride Alternative #3 - Ben Folds Five

I need to think of a better name for this ride. But it sure is nice to get out and ride on the tail end of a hectic week. While the taco ride is fun, the more we discuss it, the more I realize it is for amateurs that just want to drink and ride with no bike lights. And the tacos? Yeah, you know how they really are! Wow, I must be getting old if I think I like that!

The son of Mukluk being watched by Mukluk senior.

I think I had my camera in my hand at least 70% of the ride. I was expecting to eat pavement at any second.

It was an awesome sky and sunset.

Desert Dome!

This was my third TRA ride and we managed to get a total of six riders this time! Paul, Brian, Cody, Nick, Elroy, and myself ventured out to Stir concert cove and beyond this past Thursday. We started behind Greenstreet and made our way to Stir, where we then continued on towards Manawa. Once again, I wore the wrong shoes for this 24 mile ride (Sanuks with no support or cleats made for some sore feet the next day). Once there, we had a quick drink of beverage and then headed back to Stir to listen to Ben Folds Five. He played a ton of his new stuff for nearly an hour. After not recognizing any songs, we packed up and left. And then he started playing his old stuff! Arrgggh! Oh well. It was a beautiful night to be out and I'm very glad that we got the ride in.

At Manawa


It was neat to see the bikes lined up. Except my creative juices to frame a good picture had run out.


As much wildlife as we saw, I was expecting either Ted Nugent to jump out with a hunting bow or Jack Hanna to be hosting a kids wildlife show. Racoons, deer, turkey galore on the ride!

One of my favorite parts of the ride back. Crossing that bridge at night with downtown Omaha in the background is quite a sight to see.

Bam! Like a flashlight explosion in your face!

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  1. Those caged Muks need to be released in the wild. Great night Mike. Thanks for the fantastic coverage, again!