Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A word or two about snowbiking

Okay, really behind on posts. MNRs, snowrides, blah blah blah. Been busy. What can I say? It's been a fun couple weeks of biking. Night rides warm enough for shorts. Night rides in the snow. Night rides not only on Mondays but also on Thursday. Riding on the sand. Riding after beers and hamburgers. Just riding in general! We've been lucky to have such nice weather, and also to have such crappy weather.
Chris on his new Pugs and Jena and Paul rockin the snowshoes. They helped us alot by packing down the trail for us.

 Chris' new beast. Love the fade to black paint job

 Chris and Michael M pushing their way through much of the trail

Abominable Snowman was along for the ride

Tonight I realized how addicted I am to snow biking. Just thinking about sliding around in the snow, having to catch yourself with both legs out as you lose control on the white fluffy, and eventually doing an endo over a huge log that you don't dare do on dirt but somehow the snow gives you the courage to attempt it multiple times. Yeah, I'm that dumb guy. That dumb guy who just so happens to have his GoPro mounted to his seat post when he goes over (but you guys will have to wait for the video compilation). Banged my hip on the log and that was about it. Snow softens the fall and makes you laugh like you've heard the best joke in the world.

I think these signs were put in place to warn about the snowy conditions. As in no man (without snowshoes or skinny tired bike) should attempt the trail with that much snow on it.

Chris debuted his green Surly monster this past weekend at Tranquility. What better test ride than to bring it to life in 8 inches of snow. And man is it sweet. I would say well worth the wait, and better than that factory white (no offense Big Mike and other Mike). Yes, the trail was tough to get through, but I could tell that he was having a blast!

Warm mitts? Yes please! I didn't even have gloves on underneath.

Somehow owning or even just riding a fatbike does that to you. It breathes new life into your lungs and the trail where regular riding was just starting to get boring. Two weeks ago on MNR, Eric pointed out to me that the temps were warm and the trail was dry, no need to keep bringing out the Mukluk. Funny thing is that I had contemplated the unleashing of the full suspension and locking up the Mukluk until proper times. But you know what? Every ride whether it be pavement, dirt, sand or snow has been so much fun on the fat tires that I don't care. I don't care that the tires I run are $120 a piece and that I should save them for snow riding. I don't care that the bike is heavy with my clunky pedals, rack on the back, and 82mm wide drilled rims. The point is that we're having fun out there, I'm addicted, and I can't wait for that next text, email, or phone call saying let's hit the snow. Because I'm there...

Jena, if it makes you feel any better. I fell in the same place you did!

Me pushing the Muk out

Paul clearing this same section on a SS skinny bike

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