Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best S.O. in the Metro contest

For those of you who listen to 89.7 The River, you've heard about this "Best S.O. in the Metro" contest. S.O. standing for significant other. Dr. M. at work nominated my supervisor Michelle for the contest. And they won! They won tickets to the Nickelback contest, dinner to O Casual Dining and Lounge, and roses. Cupid brought Michelle the roses. It was quite the commotion in our office on Tuesday morning! At first I thought this whole idea sounded strange (since both are married, but not to each other), until I read the poem that she wrote. Here is how it went:

My name is Linda.  I am married.  I work a lot.  My best S.O. is my manager, Michelle.  She, too, is married.  Happily.  But this is why SHE is the BEST S.O. IN THE METRO!!

Michelle is my S.O. ... now don't give her FLACK!
When we're at work, she's always got my back

She's a hot little grandma, a young 58
She's spunky and happy ... with a SUPER young mate!

We're with each other so much, we're called the Dream Team
But sometimes we fight, we even do scream.

Paperwork and charts and all those phone calls
You'd be surprised that she has free time at all.

There are those long days when we don't get a break
Between surgery and patients ... sometimes it's not great!

She plans way ahead to take good care of me
With breakfast, lunch and dinner ... yes ... even all THREE!

She remembers our birthdays and lovingly adds
A special present which makes us all glad.

Above all else, she means so much to me
With a heart of gold ... without her ... I wouldn't be

Congrats to Michelle and to Dr. M. for getting her poem chosen and read over the air. I guess there were over 1500 entries! Also thanks to 89.7 The River for holding this awesome contest and making their day!

*update, also pretty cool. I just had my email read over the air! A listener had called in this morning and was recently taking a phone survery about radio stations. When he told them that he listened to 89.7, they hung up on him. So in came all of these emails and phone calls from people that appreciate the River. So I wrote them an email explaining how I've listened to them faithfully since 1996 when I first moved to Omaha, and how I work in the office of the Best SO in the Metro. So they read my letter! How cool is that? Thanks guys for putting on quality music programming and events throughout the year!

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