Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hitting the "slopes" at Crescent

It has been nearly a year since I pulled the snowboard out of it's bag. Groupon and LivingSocial have both done deals with Mt. Crescent and I took advantage of one of them. Half off lift ticket ain't too shabby! After weeks of trying to plan to head out there with friends, I finally made it out on Sunday by myself. As much as I wanted to go snowbiking with Chris and the others, I just had to use my coupon. Time was winding down and who knows how much longer we'll have the snow on the ground. Plus I needed to get out there to brush up on my skills.

Way too many photos like this. Is the GoPro on? Yup!

Fitting a snowboard into a two door Accord is funny business. Because of my trunk's contents, I can no longer flip down the rear seats. So instead, I have to lay the front seat all the way down. With my $5 Subway in tow, I was ready for a day on the "mountain".

I will admit, I was nervous getting onto the chair lift the first time this year. What if I have a repeat of last year where my Camelback strap got stuck underneath the seat? Well I eliminated that problem with nothing on my back. But still, last thing I need is for the operator to have to stop the lift for me. Or for me to stop the lift. Luckily, I made it off without a hitch. Didn't fall all day either. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm good, it's a hill in Iowa remember?

Camera was mounted right in front of my foot behind the nose of the board

I tried some different GoPro positions, using mostly the Chesty mount and a mount directly on the snowboard. While GoPro doesn't recommend this mounting position, they say if you must do it, then tether the camera to your boot or bindings. Check. I noticed there was some camera shake due to the mount having a tiny bit of play with the attachment. Some electrical tape should be able to fix this by making the fit tighter. Rider and gear in check, I think I'm ready for CO next weekend!

Barky the snowdog was out. Okay, I made that name up.

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