Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last Thursday, Dave M, Greg, Paul and I met up at Tranquility to get some riding in before the storm. The weather wasn't too bad and the riding was nice. No crazy animals jumping out at us, I cleared Chris' climb, and it was nice to get out in the middle of the week. As of today, that's five days of riding over the past week for me, including three days of lifting at the gym!

I had brought out the GoPro on the chesty mount because I wanted to try to clear the dirt pile. By the time I got out there and looked for the other riders, it was starting to get dark. So I tried to ride it on my own, but I had thought that the hill was bulldozed. Turns out that I didn't go far enough down on the trail. By the time they reminded me, it was pitch black. And as I'm finding out, the GoPro does terrible in dim lights. even with a 150 lumen Stella pointing the way.
Most of the night shots look like a Monet painting. I'm pretty sure the GoPro has a fixed aperture that doesn't help at night

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