Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updates coming soon...

Been too busy biking to work on the blog. I've biked five times this past week, crazy! Three times in snow, the other two on dirt. Just like Dale said last night on the MNR, it's amazing how we can have all these seasons right here at Tranquility, all within a matter of a weeks! We go from shorts riding, to darnright cold riding, and finally to snow riding. Wild stuff folks! I've been shooting lots of video with the GoPro and getting lots of photos with the big and little Canon. I'm actually getting overwhelmed by the amount of media that I have to go through just from riding and this past weekend's snowstorm. Will probably be time to work on some more snow videos, and yes, this time I have snow night riding videos!
Reminder, THOR meeting this Saturday. Check the website, FB, or ask a THOR member for more details.

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