Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snowy MNR

This week's MNR was a totally different story from the 60 degree one that we experienced last week. Snow left over from the weekend. Still lots of it. The riding was fun, seemed a lot easier than Saturday and Sunday's riding. You could actually get around in it. Still deep in parts, still falling down and giggling. But it actually started to feel like riding. By 7:30pm, the trail was beginning to refreeze and traction was becoming excellent. We rode both sides that were packed down over the weekend. The strangest fog rolled in during the ride. Something I've never seen or experienced before. Like a textbook movie fog during a werewolf scene. Out were Michael M, Chris P, Dale, and Steve on skis with Cody.

The 5 ft tall fog that rolled in from the creek. Dale taking a break to check it out

 You thought night riding was hard, this is what snow night riding looks like!


  1. Thanks Mike, for the pics and the description. That fog sounds awesome. I like how we have gotten so familiar with this place over the years but we can usually expect to experience something new like that. Sorry I missed it. Just didn't feel like gearing up for the cold that night.

    1. Nice pics as always Mike! Me looking at fog with full moon - just need a blood curdling scream!

      Riding the 4x4 track in the wetlands loop was a great experience as well!