Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MNR from two weeks ago

MNRs over the past couple of weeks, wow, what a difference! Temps in the 60s, then temps in the 20s. Shorts, then having to ride with layers upon layers of clothing. These posts are out of order, sorry. Two MNRs ago, Chris unveiled his latest addition to Tranquility. They dump dirt on the trail? Might as well use the dirt to our advantage. That first night of trying to ride the hill was difficult. There was a soft layer of silt about 2 or more inches deep everywhere. You put your foot down, you sink. You try to get traction, you spin. Add to the fact that it was dark, tight turns and steep climbs, sounds like a good combination for fun! It's like that menu item at the chinese restaurants...I'll take a A19, combination delight.

Clearing the humps at night on a beautiful 60 degree night in January. It had hit 70 that day

Funny how it says "Fair". It should say SPECTACULAR!

Heading towards the ice rink. One of these nights I'll have to sacrifice the ride and bring out the big camera and tripod

Taking in the city lights

Not quite what I expected. The lights are from riders while I had my Stella pointing down on the ground. I was hoping to get streaks of riders going through, but I don't think the little Canon can handle the night shots

I ended up clearing it that next Thursday, and I guess some other fatbiker did also. Turns out that Chris had cleaned up the hill a little bit, which gave it much more traction. Still fun nonetheless. I'm interested to see what the thing would be like with snow on it.

 Chris' new contraption of a hill. Lots of people can't wait to retry it!

 Convoy along the creek

Hanging out. Actually waiting for me the photographer after the south inner loop descent

Can't remember who, but somebody started an email that the MNR should be a celebration of warm temps and good riding weather. So we had a mini potluck over at Paul's afterwards. Hot dogs, desserts, beer, chips and salsa, it was all good times.

 It's a celebration b*tches! As Dave Chapelle would say

CHOMP! Hungry Jena. (OH man, she's gonna kill me for posting this picture). Actually I ate four, yes count it four hot doggies that night. I guess I'm the piggy

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