Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Man sized portions

Some friends and I headed out to Twin Peaks last night for a man date Valentine's Day. Girls in lingerie. Wow. I mean wow, look at my food ;-) The waitress warned me about the size of my country fried steak when I ordered it. I blew it off as exaggeration. Joel saw the waitress walk by with the same meal, he was like whoa. And whoa is exactly what I said when my meal arrived. I was a little  disappointed when I didn't see mash potatoes. Whoops, there they are! At first, I was like what? They stick green beans in there country fried steak? Until further investigation did I realize that there was more food hiding on my plate. Did I really need them with the two man sized beers? Nope. But oh well. If you insist!

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