Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Cold Weather Survival Tips

I came across this thread on MTBR fatbike section. A rider had fallen off of a slippery bridge and ended up submersed in water. While the water was shallow, the rider was now soaked. And it was below freezing out.. Some very good tips on how to react, what to bring and wear, and what to do when the situation becomes dire.

While most of these situations don't apply to us too much, it's important to remember the basics when we're out snowshoeing, snowbiking, on the slopes, or simple out in the woods when it is cold. Some very good points to tuck away in the back of the brain.

Maybe one of the biggest that I picked up is if you're on an unfamiliar trail while biking, wait until all riders get across the bridge just in case. What if the bridge gave out while the last rider was crossing and everybody had taken off? Things like that can make a difference in saving someone's life if they happen to break a limb. Scroll down later in the thread and the bike's front tire had punched through the ice and the rider could have fallen into the water.

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  1. I always like reading about stuff to be prepared. Their situation is more severe than ours but we still need more than the clothes we wear and the bike.

    It also reminds me that we seek adventure, the more challenging, the more we appreciate it. We are fortunate to have different degrees of challenge via the weather. Glad to have you and the rest of the crew to share those challenges with.