Monday, January 2, 2012

First ride of the year

I don't know how you guys do it, but those sunrise frosty frozen trail rides are almost unbearable because of the cold. It was a little windy, but fingers and toes were cold this morning! That and my face. And it wasn't even sunrise by the time I got out to the trail this morning. At the same time, it felt great to hear the treads on the fatbike as I rode over to Tranquility from my place. It's been a couple of weeks since I last rode and it was definitely nice to get out. To a great year of riding!


  1. Someone said Swanson was actually dry - was Tranquility in above-freezing riding shape, or just when frozen hard? Impressive snow riding pics and video, btw. My best snow biking experience was at Manawa's singletrack a year ago at the beginning of a major snowstorm, with a perfect 2-3 inches of powder to start, and giant flakes flying as ghostly deer occasionally materialized and disappeared again into the whiteness. I wonder how much of Manawa is cleared of sand, debris, now?

    Ps. I only logged about 300 miles on my mountain bike, but I managed 3,800 plus on my road bike with 17 century rides (and one of those was my biggest ever one-day ride - a 207 miler from my Dundee neighborhood to downtown, over the Bob Bridge, to the Wabash, to Missouri, back up and home to Omaha.) A 25 minute thunderstorm and a couple of flat-fixes didn't mar a fantastic experience for me. Some folks having a wine and cheese (and fireworks!) party halfway down the Trace helped fix one of my flats very quickly.


  2. Hey Jason! Wow, very impressive with the road miles! And 207 miles? Jeez! I'm usually cramping by 50 if I do any sort of a pavement ride.

    By the sounds of it (from the Thor/facebook page), a lot of the trails are starting to dry up during the daytime. We rode it early in the morning during freezing temps so the trail was nice and hard. Definitely lots of ruts around the creek sections where riders tore it up when it was too wet to ride. But someone just posted that it is 98% dry around noontime. Just be careful going through the wet areas. Have fun!