Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

Have a happy new year everyone! Be safe, drink lots, and dance your butts off! As for new year's resolutions? Who needs em? You're gonna break them anyway!

I've been too busy at work to do much of anything lately. Trying to find a house on top of that, get my workouts in, and maybe go out on the weekends if I'm not too tired. Backlogged on pictures, but oh well. Take it easy everyone and I'll see you in 2012! Best wishes and make it a prosperous year!


  1. Ran across your blog. I live north of Lincoln. I am looking for a MTB, but have been researching fat bikes lately. I am trying to decide between the Salsa Mukluk 2 or the Salsa El Mariachi 29er. I haven't had a chance to ride either one. What are your thoughts on which one would be the better all around bike for trails, etc?

  2. Hey Mike! First off, thanks for reading! As for which bike, it all depends on your riding needs. I almost bought a 2011 El Mariachi earlier in the year. I wasn't really in the market for a new bike, but man those are sweet rides. Do you have other mt bikes already? Is this to replace a bike? What do you plan to ride, in terms of gravel roads, trails, paved, etc? I grew up around Waverly and some of those gravel roads would be stellar to ride. If you plan to do super technical all day trail rides, the El M might be better.
    I already have a full suspension and a rigid 26 inch, so the El Mariachi would have just filled my niche for a 29er. But wasn't a necessity. I'm a slow rider and just wanted something fun and unique to ride, so I waited a year for the Muk2. If this will be your only mtb, I would say the El Mariachi would be your best bet. If you plan to race throughout the year, then the El Mariachi would be better. Plus you'll save about $500 with the mid level build.
    But if you want something crazy fun that goes through anything, can go through snow, works on trails, pavement, anything, then get the Muk2. I'm super happy with mine and don't regret anything about it. Yes it is a heavier bike, but hey, it will make me a stronger rider. There was some adjustment going from my Trek Fuel to the Muk. First time riding Tranquility, I almost ended up in the tree because the braking and turning were completely different. The Muks can be converted to a 29er for summer riding, so keep that in mind. But they will be full rigid and I'm not sure how well they ride once converted.
    I'm not sure what the bike shops in Lincoln have, but there's a good chance that Greenstreet in Omaha and Xtreme Wheels in Council Bluffs might have what you're looking for (both are authorized Salsa dealers). Both shops are friendly and will treat you right. Speak to Blaine if you call Xtreme, he knows his fatties and is working on a Ti Mukluk of his own. Let him know that you came across my blog and I told you to check them out, maybe he can throw you a deal. If you have any other questions, let me know! Trail conditions aren't great right now with the thaw, but if you are still trying to decide later in the year and want to give my Muk a spin at Tranquility, then get a hold of me. Be sure to check out the fatty section on and also on facebook, there is a NE fatbike group and a fatbike group in general. See what others think.
    Happy new year!

  3. Hey, thanks for the info. I am a slow rider also, not in any hurry, just enjoy riding. I have a road bike and got a Salsa Vaya this past summer and use it to ride the gravel/dirt roads around me. I absolutely love it. I am just looking for something to ride trails and anything else I can find. My family and I go to Branched Oak Lake and ride the trails and have also been up to Swanson. I would like to do more of that, but it's a little rough on the Vaya. Just trying to find the best option because I can't afford to buy one bike, likewise two. I guess I need to demo a few when I get time and maybe it will become clearer. Thanks again for the info. Maybe we could go riding sometime.

  4. Mike,
    There are lots of different views as to whether or not a "snowbike" should be ridden on dirt trails. I've had no problem riding my Muk at Swanson, Calvin Crest, or Tranquility (all non snow rides), Manawa would be easy also. Traction is stellar in the fall time. The wide footprint really tracks over the leaves. I could seriously see myself riding it year round. I feel that I'm just as fast on it as my Trek. At the same time, the tires/tubes are more expensive to replace than standard 29er setups. It is heavier, so steeper trails or all day trailriding may not be the best on a fatty. I'm guessing it won't handle quite as well as the El Mariachi in more technical sections. If I was riding at Jewell or Platte, I would probably bring my full suspension. Funny, I have never ridden at Branched Oak but I've heard its a good time, so I can't comment. On the forums, people have questioned the reliability and strength of the drilled rolling darryls for trail riding. They are expensive rims, and denting one while doing a log crossing or a jump would be dentrimental. But from what I've read, nobody has had any problems with them either. So lots of things to consider. If you want a true moutain bike, go with the El M (a couple of friends have them and love them, "steel is real!". If you want a fun bike to putz around on, get lots of stares, and a good conversation piece, then get the Mukluk. Also be sure to test ride a Pugsley. They ride differently and you might like one over the other.

  5. Thanks, a bike shop in Lincoln has an El Mariachi I'm going to give a try this weekend. Let the testing begin!

  6. Cool, let me know how it goes. It looks like a great bike! Are there many differences between last year's model and the models this year (besides components and paint jobs)? The colors are a little crazier this year. Good luck!