Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's snowing

In case you haven't noticed, the white fluffy is coming down pretty hard outside.Will the Mukluk make an appearance? I hope so! Time to lower that psi and see how the bike performs.
Cheating? Heck yeah it is. But my fingers were still warm and attached after the ride.

Brian, Paul, Dmars, and I hit up Tranquility last night for a Friday night ride. While the wind was blowing and the temps were actually rising, we actually stayed pretty warm last night. Just like Dmars said, my mitts were cheating. Cheating? Yes! Warm toasty hands? DEFINITELY! In fact, my hands were actually getting too warm. Tried and tested. Proven to work. I am ready for winter!!!

Biking at night allows you to see Omaha at night!

Brian's chain was done dealin

Thanks to Paul for the Taproom 21 and to Brian for the Boulies.

This was an owl just sitting there next to the trail. We decided not to disturb it and took a shortcut to the top


  1. Where did ya get the gloves? Those look sweet!

  2. Look up ATV mitts on Amazon. Only cost me $14 and they work great!

  3. Thanks for the photos Mike. That owl must have just killed it's pray not to fly off. It's wasn't a very big owl so I don't think it was eating skunk for dinner. That would have been a really cool photo.

    And hats off to Jimmy up at Bike Masters! He got Brian back on the trail in pit crew style.