Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who likes meatloaf?

I can't believe I bought one of these! What is wrong with me??? So the story is that I saw it on tv during the summer, thought about getting one, and the price sounded great on tv. Buy one, get a second one free. Just pay separate shipping and handling fees. I have never bought anything off of the tv, so I was leary and did some research online.

Those shipping and handling fees through the tv offer? People were getting charged $75 a piece to have them shipped. As soon as you enter your credit card number online and hit next, it wouldn't even tell you the final price for verification but instead tell you that your card has been charged without the final approval. People were outraged! No phone number to contact, no email. Nothing.

I saw it while walking through Walmart tonight. Sold! The only shipping fee I paid was my buddy's gas to get out there! If any of you readers have heard bad news about this product, let me know and I'll just return it. Now who's ready for some meatloaf?

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