Monday, December 19, 2011

Tonights the night!

I biked over the weekend, stuck to the trail that runs along 144th street. All that I can say is that Omaha drivers are terrible when it comes to watching out for bikers. I was on the bike trail, but still had to cross major intersections. And i was good, waited for the walk signals before crossing. But cars would just keep making right turns when I was ready to cross (and I had the walk signal). One time, I even had the walk signal, couldn't cross because of the idiot drivers with no manners, and had to wait for a full cycle of lights before I could cross. I was ready to throw rocks at the drivers who kept turning in front of me. And the drivers saw me, it's not like I was hiding out behind a bush or anything. I was in clear open view, even making eye contact with the turning drivers. So rude!!!
Anyway, I'm now 4 miles away from the 1k mark. I was going to finish it up yesterday. But I figured since this is a huge milestone for me, I might as well do it on the MNR tonight. It means alot to me that I made it this far, and it comes with a lot of help from the guys/gals from MNR for getting me out there to ride whenever possible. Thanks folks! See you after 1k miles!!!

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  1. Nice job on the 1K. And now you get to wash the muck off your Muk! Do you know about where you were at on the trail? We could have the hippies knit you a trail marker around a tree. Seriously, great riding Mike. Glad I got to do some of those miles with ya.