Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYE! Done and gone...

You gotta leave the year with a bang! People at work asked me what I did. I told them that I drove down to St. Louis and partied, went clubbing, heard a world known DJ spin, saw a Rams/49ers game, then drove back. All in the same weekend. My coworker Megan said, "Mike, grow up. Aren't you getting too old to go clubbing and partying till 3am?" So I asked her what she did. She said that she was asleep by 9:30pm on NYE. Seriously??? And this girl is probably younger than me by five years!

Joel's dinner plate, yup, next to the cats' plates.

Sushi at Drunken Fish

I consider myself a well-seasoned partier. Good thing or bad, you can decide. So usually the holidays like St. Patty's Day, NYE, etc I consider the nights for amateurs. Cops will be out, the amateur drinkers will be out and probably throwing up by night's end. All and all, not usually good nights to be out. But if you have a designated driver or a cab waiting for you, then it isn't too bad.

The famous money shot. This time, I have 20s only! 

Back in 2006, I only had 2 dollars!

Joel, Jena, and I made the 6.5 hour trip after a late start on Friday after work. It was good to hang out with Tim and Mel down in St. Louis. Some highlights included not finding Walmart in NE City, Joel dancing and making out with the hopping Croatian/Brazillian girl with no name that went to SLU, "No meatball sandwich for you!", no tip for the beerman, and $10 plates of nachos at the game. You just had to be there to know what I was talking about.

This NYE was definitely one to put in the books. A bunch of us did NYE in Time's Square during 99/00. With the whole y2k ordeal, we had no idea if helicopters would be crashing down on us because of the 00 and computer programming. A few years back, Jeremy, Liz, and I did NYE at Champions club. All you can eat and drink for $100. There's alot more to that story that I can't tell on here. Let's just say that it involves the woman's locker room.

DJ Rob Lemon was opening for Starkillers at Club Europe


Joel dancing with the random

My first NFL game!

Nachos and humongous drink the next day. No hangover! Woohoo!


Have a happy and prosperous 2012 everyone!

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