Thursday, January 5, 2012

MTV playing...videos???

Has the world come to an end? Or maybe a new beginning? This week has already been long, fell asleep from 7pm till 2:30am tonight. Whoops! A long nap or a full night's worth of rest? Anyway, I turned on the tv and MTV was playing music videos. I had to check the channel twice. Yup, music videos. And from 2-3am they have a show called Clubland on. All e-music (electronic), similar to the old MTV Amp. Great show, good music. Too bad it is on at such a bad time. Saw this video on there, good stuff!

It's funny because at 2:40 in the video, somebody sticks their hand in there and tries to hit the buttons on the keyboard. Why does it always have to be like that? Back in the day when I had my turntables spinning during preparties, people would always have to get their hands on the turntables. Let me give it a back and forth spin. Fine, but just don't do it while the DJ is at work!

Swedish House Mafia - One, featuring Pharrell

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