Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fatbike +1

It was another hot one last night. 96 degrees when we finished the ride at 7:20pm. Yowsers. The trail is drier than ever, cracked and rutting out. It will take a long steady downpour of rain to fix this. Corners are getting soft, with a powder like silt building up. It caught me off guard last night and almost nearly took me down on the return trip to the parking lot. Took the turn too fast, fat front tire dug into the mound of loose dirt, and I started to slide out. ChrisP was on my tail and I was expecting to go down and be run over like a monster truck does beat up cars. But I caught it and took the alternate route. Whew. One of those get-your-heart-racing split second ordeals.
Coming back from north of Fort Street is getting real rutty. I was watching Cody hop in and out of the ruts while trying to control the steering. Either you ride in the middle or you try to ride a on the side. But when you ride the side you hit the lip and your bike drifts to the other lip. Dilemna. Unless you have a fatbike! Greg was following me and we both noticed that the fat tire is just wide enough to not fall into the rut (at least for now). Chris noticed the same. Awesome! I guess if the rut gets wider, I might just have to air down a little bit and float on top like we do with the snow riding. Just have to worry about pinging the rim in other areas of the trail.

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