Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last weeks MNR!

Late! Busy! Exhausted! And now broke. That's how my week has been going. Finally went out and bought furniture today now that I am completely out of the apt and it is clean. I've been sitting and eating off of patio furniture that resides in my living room for the past two weeks. Hey, it beats sitting on the stairs which I've been doing for the first two weeks!

Living the good life...I was tempted to put the umbrella to be funny. 

People at work say that I've been losing weight. I'm still lifting hard, but I've noticed that clothes seem looser and even my glasses keep sliding off. Seriously guys, move from a 3rd floor apt in the middle of a heat wave and you'll melt away those lbs. I've been moving three boxes each trip, one box at a time, avg weight probably 35 - 45 lbs. And I usually move a load after work and then after the gym around midnight. So that makes 12 flights of stairs each day, with heavy boxes on the down trip.
Weightloss miracle!!!

Anyway, back to last week's MNR. It was hot. Real hot. Keep moving and you'll stay cool. Kind of. Nine of us silly riders were out there riding, enjoying the heat. Some riders were falling. Not sure if it was the heat clouding their judgment or just them simply falling. Not going to name names. Trail damage happens when it rains like crazy and people rut out the trail. Well now it is reversed. The trail is so dry that it's actually breaking up the soil in the middle and causing ruts from it being so dry. Never thought I'd see that. Anyway, ride on and drink plenty of H2O!

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