Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey, I'm back!

Seriously, it is 96 degrees inside my joint. I have some wet spots at the edges of the rooms from the rug doctor so I'm trying to air out the house. That and three very noisy fans on high and its made for an interesting day and night.
1914 V-Twin Harley

My trip to MI was great. The 9 hour drive sucks, but the pool time, family time, momma's cooking, and museums that I got to see made up for it. We went to the Gilmore Car Museum about 20 minutes outside of Kalamazoo. Very cool place. And now I understand what they mean when a car is in museum quality. You've been to a car show, well these blow them away. Over 300 cars and 90% are drivable. Also went to the Fred Meiers Gardens. Amazing sculptures and gardens, except it was raining all day. Yeah, first day of rain they've had in weeks like us, and its the day that we go to an outdoor museum (with no umbrella)! I'll post up lots of pics eventually of everything.
"Mad Momma"

House stuff is never ending. Apartment stuff is never ending. Hopefully life will have some factor of normalcy in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you guys on the MNR. I'm really interested/scared to find out what happened to Tranquility.

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