Thursday, July 12, 2012


The piggy kind. I ventured out last Sunday with Dale, Chris, Paul, and Brian for my first ever bacon ride at Platte River State Park. I had heard about this legendary Sunday morning ride, but was either too lazy to get up for it or was usually partying too late the night before. Well alright...I'll go. Twist my arm.

How do we fit two 29ers and two fatties into one vehicle? Million dollar question right there.


We were kickin up some dust!

With living between two places, it is really hard to figure out what is where. Bike clothes in this box, sunglasses in another box. Gloves and helmet already in car. Should be good to go. Get going...oh. Contact lenses are at the apartment. Being a Lasik consultant, you would think that I know better!

End up riding in my fat rimmed glasses because I didn't have time to hit up the apartment. Didn't really matter anyway. I was drenched in sweat throughout the ride and at least my big chunky glasses provided me with some eye protection.
Brian cracks me up. I'm not sure if he is purposely trying to look funny or if that's just how he is in photographs?

The riding was good and I only fell once. I overcorrected after sort of going up a tree. Next thing I know, I was standing like a tripod in a ditch. Straddling the top tube with both feet on the ground and my front tire down but my back tire up in the air. Which way do I fall? Falling forward on your face is never good. How about backwards? Okay. No harm done, except that it kinda hurts your pride and confidence because I started riding alot more conservatively and aware after that.

It was only my second time to Platte. Last time was about three years ago with Todd and Aaron. Its hard to ride fast when you don't really know where you are going. I just kept hearing about this part that someone in our group keeps falling at, but I had no clue where it was. And finally, he fell.

Bacon socks, bacon breakfast, bacon ride!

After the ride was the well deserved breakfast at the lodge. One plate with no seconds is what they should give you, but instead its whatever and how much ever you can eat. Sounds dangerous, especially with bacon involved. And this boy doesn't get just one strip of bacon! Cholesterol city!

This was just plate #1 for me!

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