Wednesday, July 11, 2012


On Monday, there was a "technician" that came from Millard Lumbar to install two new sliding patio doors for me that were under warranty. The previous owner of the house flipped the two hundred some dollar bill for the install. My realtor was kind enough to let the guy in while I was at work.

Realtor texts me, says the guy is finished and the door locking mechanism is tricky. Call her when I get home  for instruction is what she said. I get home. The doors lock, but only if you push down the latch and pull the door back a little bit. Okay. But if you push the door a little bit more into the closed position, the latch automatically disengages. WTF? But the technician reassured her thats how it is and how all of the other warrantied doors are installed.

So later that night, I tried locking my sliding door. I step outside on the deck and push the door a little bit. It unlocks itself! No way it can be like that. It was late, so I stuck my pair of loppers in the door rail so that the door won't open. Good enough for now. I went to Menards today to look for a new door lock. Lady asked me if they installed it correctly. Heck if I know, I assumed that a qualified technician would know what they were doing.

Buy the new lock, get home and take apart the one on the new door. Turns out that the latch was hitting the door handle, preventing it from staying in position. It would simply bounce back up and unlock itself. That was weird. Try different positions of the door handle. Still not working.

The stupid fool put the lock upside down! Once turned upside down, the latch was able to fully make its motion and keep the lock in the correct position. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I texted my realtor, she laughed. The tech said that all the doors he was installing were like that. Meaning that there are how many other households with a sliding door that unlocks itself all because of technician error. Jeez!!!

Just one of the bundles of wires in my basement

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