Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MNR...a mixed bag of goodies

Last night's Monday Night Ride was one of all sorts. We had warm temps then freezing temps. Skunky smell and no smell. Shorts vs long pants. The stars were out and the air was crisp. Brian and I swore that something big was in the grass either chasing us or trying to get away from our lights. Brian was leading and said, "That sounds a lot bigger than a rabbit!"

After leaving Tranquility, I was starting to get cold. Temps were dropping and by the time I got home my water bottle was half frozen inside. While pedaling towards 132nd street, I tried to keep my mind off of the numb fingers and toes. That's when I realized that every rider there had a different type of bike! Chris on his geared 26 650B, Dale on his 29er Carbon geared full squooosh ht, Dave on his geared 29er hardtail, Brian on his full rigid geared 29er, Paul on his full rigid SS 29er, Greg on his ss 29er hardtail, and lastly me on the fattie (which is technically classed as a 26inch full rigid). Pretty cool huh?

I wish that I had my camera last night. I meant to grab it, but my gear is still in my bag after traveling and it slipped my mind. After the southside was ridden, we had stopped on the road and discussed and checked temps. Five of the seven riders had lined up right next to each other, lights ablazing. Looked like we were ready to start a night race! It was a pretty cool scene, one of those that the camera can't justify by pixels. But it would have been neat to have tried.

Have a good week everyone! Hopefully we'll see people out at Manawa this weekend to help rebuild the trail.

*updated above with the correct bikes.


  1. Interesting observation on different bikes. May be I'm wrong here or there, but I broke the bikes down this way:

    Chris: 650B, steel, geared, hardtail, Sycip
    Dale: 29er, carbon, geared, hardtail, Giant
    Dave: 29er, aluminum, geared, hardtail, Felt
    Greg: 29er, aluminum, ss, hardtail, Felt
    Paul: 29er, steel, ss, rigid, Surly
    Brian: 29er, steel, geared, rigid, Surly
    Mike: fattie, aluminum, geared, rigid, Salsa

    Still unique combinations among wheel size, frame type, gearing, suspension.

    Interesting what wasn't represented: neither 26ers nor full squish.

  2. I'll second the accuracy of Dale's comma separated value data. :-)

  3. hardtails ftw! Looks like i'm still the lone freak on the b bike. All that will change come spring....

  4. Oh yeah...whoops. For some reason I had it stuck in my mind that Dale's bike was full suspension and forgot that Chris had his 650b. Not much sleep since Michigan and they call me Spacey Stacey.

  5. And I was super close to riding my 26 inch full suspension last night, for old time memories. Even with that, still a wide variety of bikes on the ride.

  6. snow saturday! I better start bugging the painter!

  7. Chris, did you see the Pugs Necro on cycleworks page or Milltown's newly repainted orange Muk? Both are pretty saweet!!!

  8. weather depending... Mine should be painted tomorrow. Hope it waits til after noon to snow. I wanna see how it is gonna turn out!