Saturday, October 9, 2010

TacoRide turned Slick's Pork Tenderloin Ride

Somehow I forget that the Husker game and the Taco Ride would conflict with each other. I had already committed to riding for tacos and we were actually pretty excited. It had been 11 days since Aaron last rode and at least two weeks since my last Taco Ride. Who knew how much longer that this gorgeous 70-80 degree weather will stick around?
Somebody had the big wheel out! 

With most of the state of NE wearing their red and watching the game on tv, we rolled out towards Mineola. The trail was empty! Margaritaville, empty! Mineola Steakhouse, empty! So empty in fact that I was able to park in the main parking lot by the trailhead. Even the bill collectors left and didn't ask for my $1 to ride the Wabash. We even sat inside the steakhouse in the main room and got menus! That is where we were led away from the tacos and were reeled in by the thought of juicy pork tenderloin sandwiches. Aaron, Amanda, Andy and I ALL got the sandwiches. And best part of it all? Mineola Browns came as a side! Whoa, we were in heaven and giddy as 5 year olds on Christmas Day. Paul, you would have been blown away by the pure deliciousness of the browns.
Paul, this delicious bite of Mineola Browns was for you! 

The ride that's a whole different story. I was struggling. Not sure about the rest. But drinking Bud diesels, chowing down on fried cheese balls dipped in ranch, then devouring the Slick's Pork Tenderloin (think huge pork tenderloin sandwich with cheese and bacon added to the heart attack) and Mineola was a bit much for me. But we all made it back in one piece. Aaron and I even stopped to help some damsels in distress (super rusty chain came off and became stuck). Great ride folks and can't wait to do it again!
Yes, they have a full menu at the Mineola Steakhouse 
While waiting for the crew, I thought I'd practice the one wheeled madness. Slowly getting the hang of it

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