Sunday, October 24, 2010

A turkey of turkeys crossing our path at Lewis and Clark

The pitter patter of the rain had just begun as we made our way back to the parking lot at Lewis and Clark. Wasn't planning to get any riding in this weekend because of the forecasted rain, boy we proved them wrong! And to think I watched the Husker game with four meteorologists yesterday! Liars!

Stopping to discuss the strategy needed to make it through the new section 
Dave giving his thumbs up of approval! 
Cody with the white gloves, those have to be hard to keep clean!

Brian H. sent out an email and we ended up with a small group of riders at L&C today. Cody, Todd, Brian, Dave N and myself would finally get to experience the new reroutes that we've been hearing about. First off, let me say thank you to Dale and everybody else at T.H.O.R. who put in the hours of work to help with moving dirt and cutting trees. Secondly, the new routing is awesome! Definitely a challenge, lots of  loose dirt spinning under the Race Kings. Wrong gear? Too bad as you'll soon find out when you have to unclip from your pedals to put your foot down.

I remember first lap, I took it a little slower at the beginning just to make sure I stayed upright. First thing I noticed at the beginning of the lap was the nice reroute, no more trying to decide who is going the correct direction. Now you can just focus on the trail and the beautiful colors of the leaves overhead. Probably one of the nicest times to ride the trails. Oh yeah, watch out for the giant turkeys. Three of them crossing our path.

Grrr....getting up those humps! from DJ Chi Wai on Vimeo.

Brian at the start of his second lap. Thanks to THOR for the nice reroute 

Todd ready to make a climb 

Leaves everywhere, but not too bad yet

As much as I love the new sections, I still hate the climbs. Probably the most I've ever used the granny gear in a single ride. Pathetic, but it got me back to the top. Neverrest no more, as the last climb is now manageable! Two laps completed, with an extra run of the new section thrown in just for the challenge.

Wheeee..... from Misterlime on Vimeo.

Like a real cameraman, Dave goes out of his way to get the shot  

Taking a well deserved rest at the bench 

View L & C in a larger map
Map provided by Dave's phone, thanks Dave!

Man O Man I was sweating like crazy!
Plenty of beautiful foliage still left on the trees 

 The car enthusiasts were out
Two 350Zs, old school 911, 300ZX twin turbo, Lotus, Miata...not sure how the black Scion XB (boxy thing below) fit into the equation? 

 I heard them talking about getting their picture taken by the photoradar at one of the stoplights in CB.

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  1. Great ride, great photos & videos. L & C is tough but a lot of fun. Trail was not hard to follow most of the time, didn't get lost like normal. New section very challenging, will be easier when we get some moisture in the ground. I think the Xb was the SAG for the sports cars.