Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remember how cold it was?

With a high of 97 today, I decided that we need to remember how cold it was back in December and we were trying to ride our bikes on the paved trails. We tried to bike over to Lake Manawa from the Pedestrian Bridge. It was so cold my cables weren't cooperating on my Gary Fisher, allowing me to shift only intermittently. Not sure which is worse. Having 10 lbs of clothing on just to stay warm and wishing I had those heated bike grips. Or it being so hot that I have no desire to hop on the bike after work. There is relief in sight though, as long as it rains this Thursday, temps will drop to the 80s this weekend. Just in time to see Weezer and STP at Westphair!

Hoping these pics help to cool you down


  1. I was at a wedding reception this summer. The bride was my friends sister who happens to live in Council Bluffs across from the Harveys Recreation Complex. She must have seen us that day because she was talking to me about the crazy people that ride bikes in the snow by her place.

  2. One extreme temp to the other!!! Let's ride!