Saturday, August 7, 2010

First installment of a weekend of races

Out to dinner late, up early, Mike you're up. 3...2...1...GO! This morning was the Lewis and Clark time trials through pyscowpath racing. You would think that riding two laps the previous weekend there would have helped me be a little more prepared. Yes it kind of helped me to know the course and what was coming up. But at the same time, nope. Just something totally different about race day. The extra speed you carry on the downhills and the crazy leg pumping you put yourself while going uphill is at a different level when you are racing against the clock and competitors.
The first place boys holding up their medals. Congrats! 

Both Todd and Alex finished 1st in their race division. Congrats gentlemen, I need some of your speed to rub off on me! As we were discussing, time trial is so different because it is very hard to gauge how well you are doing compared to other riders. You pass some, you get passed by others (unless you are Todd or Alex). Checked my results, three of us finished within 15 seconds of each other!!! 15 seconds and I would have moved up three spots. Oh well...I'm in it for the fun component and there's always next year.

Skipping the short course at Tranquility today because I'm not trying to get any points for the series. Just out there for fun. Will be on the course tomorrow for the Tranquility XC, gonna be a scorcher. 96 degrees, 100 some heat index. Good luck to all of those racing today and tomorrow. See you out there.

Team Spokehole updated to reflect this weekend's races

 Part of last night's dinner at Jazz. 2lbs of crawfish!

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