Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another good night at MNR

It's finally raining! The trails are so dusty that it's near impossible to keep the drivetrain on the bikes clean. But hey, at least we've been able to ride almost everyday (if you can stand the August heat)! Last night's weather was great for the MNR. Had a new rider with us and Paul was kind enough to show him the ropes. Glad to see new faces on the ride, seems to be gaining popularity through word of mouth and even facebook. Also glad to see that Dave N. is finally back on the saddle!

Driving to work this morning with the wipers working away, I see a Honda CRX at 129th and Maple intersection. No side windows, no back window, or even a windshield for that matter. Better yet? No doors on either side! Just bars as doors. I'd understand if he was in a Wrangler, but nope, a little old CRX. The guy took off pretty fast, probably in sheer embarassment that he was getting soaked. Wish I had a picture of that!

Possibly going on the taco ride this Thursday, depends on the weather.

ps. it helps to put the battery in the camera before bringing it for a ride. Cell phone with camera capabilities is always a trusty backup!


  1. I believe that was a crx being prepped for the upcoming lemons race at mam. That had the cage welded in this weekend... Man, i'd love to do that race...

  2. I figured that was a rollcage, but wasn't sure from far away. I just wanted to see how wet the guy was!