Monday, August 30, 2010

Calvin Crest...Funky, fly, and fresh!

I'm talking about the riding at Calvin Crest out in Fremont. After years of hard work by many different people and through T.H.O.R., the trail is open for riding! Chris, Dale, and Craig put the finishing touches on the trail last Wednesday to have it open and ready for some singletrack action today. We had a smaller than predicted, yet still good turnout for riders today on the inaugural ride. About 15 of us were out to help pack down the dirt with our tires as we made our way through three laps of singletrack bliss. Each lap was a little over 4.5 miles if I remember correctly.
Another nice casual ride with breaks to explain the trail and discuss riding strategies
Cody pushing his way through one of the last turns

Cody crossing the first bridge

What do I like about this new trail? I think it's the fact that there are all types of terrain to pedal through. Twisty singletrack sections through the pine trees, couple of bridge crossings, ravine crossings, log crossings, a flat section by the river, and a tricky hill climb with a few switchbacks thrown in. There are definitely some fast sections, where in other areas just getting through the trees is enough to slow you down for a quick breather. One other thing. It is really quiet and peaceful out there!

Had a fairly decent turnout for today's inaugural ride

Following Paul through the ravines from Misterlime on Vimeo.
Push it Dave!
Dale making it through the climb on his SS

Following Brian through the singletrack

Dale on the wooden bridge

Now while the trail is now open to the public for mountain bikers, there are always the basic rules to follow. Calvin Crest is private property and they are kind enough to let us use it. Please be respectful and follow their guidelines. There are a few blackout dates where they will be using the trails and we are not allowed to ride. Check the schedule here before making the trip out to Fremont. Also, hunting season is almost upon us so be careful and wear brighter colors. See you guys on the trails!
Todd pushing his way through, one day after taking first at the Maskenthine Classic. Congrats!

Behind Todd and Dale for lap 3

Paul, Dave N., and Craig taking care of a recently downed tree

Paul rounding the corner

Dave making his way across the swinging bridge

Paul on the swinging bridge

Here comes Chris on his newly built SS
Hot dogs and lemon cake afterwards. Look, we made the events schedule!

Tower hill climb. Not easy and I couldn't make it today.

The Tower Climb at Calvin Crest from Misterlime on Vimeo.


  1. Another great trail to go to. Perfect day for a inaugural ride. Can't wait to go back. Thanks for the great coverage Mike!

  2. Good job Mike, glad you took the time to get the camera out and take some pics. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, with good company and an even a better trail. Keep up the good work on the blog!

  3. Nice write up and photos and great action videos. A good time was had by all. Thanks Craig for letting us come out and ride and for having food after the ride. If you haven't been to Calvin Crest you need to get out there, it is a blast!

  4. Great job everybody to bad that i did work overnight on saturday plus the race i was super tired. Next time for Sure.

  5. Thanks for the pics, video, and writeup, Mike!