Sunday, August 8, 2010

Part 2, Tranquility short track

Decided to head out to Tranquility on Saturday afternoon to give some moral support to Todd and to see what a short track race was like. Brought the big camera out for this one. I'm so glad that I didn't enter. My legs and energy were zapped from Saturday morning's early race at Lewis and Clark. Everybody out there was fast, they would have had to postpone the later races if I was out there pedaling. I ended up taking two naps yesterday and three showers on top of that.
Alex and the leader in an all out sprint at the end of Cat 3 Men's Masters 35+

For those of you who couldn't make it out, the track basically started from the picnic table on the east side, went down the gravel road, made a right onto the other gravel road and then up the inner loop. After bombing down the inner loop, you then rode a short section of singletrack by the creek backwards and back to the gravel road. Repeat. Three laps for Cat 3 open. Hot, fast and sprint like in certain sections. Link to Ryan's GPS map of the trail here. Congrats to all of the riders that competed, you guys put on a good show with a near photo finish in a few of the races!

Team Spokehole updated to reflect these races

Todd giving it all he could after an already long day of racing 
Thanks to all of the sponsors for a great weekend of racing! 
 It was an exciting finish as three racers try to win the Tranquility Short Track Cat 3 open

Alex giving some pointers to Todd before the start 
Chris and Paul volunteering, trying to tell people that there is a race underway.

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