Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another quick review: Hoss Ponderosa knickers

Review of the knickers. I love them! Yes they look dorky as hell, but when an ex-girlfriend tells you that your pants are too tight after seeing biking pics of you in tights...I just knew that I had to take action! And yes Lindsay, I forgot to bring shorts to Ballyhoo. Haha. Anyway, the Hoss Ponderosa Knickers were on sale at Bicyclewarehouse, more than half off! I have torn and shredded way too many warm-up pants on the big chainring, so I said why not?

They are just the right length (3/4 pant length) to prevent any catching while those pedals go round and round. Pockets galore and yes, they have the spandex lined butt padding inside. Bungee cords at both leg openings, cargo pockets and velcro pocket on the rear to keep your belongings safe. The waist seems to run a little tight, even with the buckle closure adjusted, but then again I had underarmour and tights under the knickers. Either that or maybe I'm just getting fat!

Now I just need to find the plaid version on sale!

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