Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tranquility Trail Day done

Walking out of work, I was greatly surprised to find out that the temperature was just about perfect. Not crazy humid and not a scorching 100 degree afternoon. Amazing weather for the planned trailday. I met up with the THOR crew at 6pm at the Tranquility trailhead. Nine of us made it out on a great evening for some trailwork. Dale had a borrowed sod cutter in his possession which worked great! He used it to cut the inner loop bypass. Sod was transplanted to other areas, trees and branches were cut, and DMars helped to smooth out areas on the inner loop. Now we just need it to dry so that we can ride. Seriously folks, my Trek is getting dusty.

Dale and Todd getting started with the sod cutter 

Brian and Dave N. finishing the work on the inner loop bypass at Tranquility 

Okay, rarely will you ever see me working. Had to borrow this picture from Paul. 

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