Saturday, June 26, 2010

Had a great time at THOR fundraiser!

So I came very close to owning a new bike. Yeah, you can never own enough. It's like my obsession with sunglasses and shoes. What's that, the bike is the wrong size? Martin Bixby says pull that baby down and stand over it. Hmm...close call. Medium frame isn't quite the same as a 20" frame. Darn! Sleek flat black Trek Soho you'll go home with someone else tonight. That was the first thing going through my mind as I looked at the silent auction prizes. Move on...move on. Next thing I see? Tables galore of raffle prizes just staring at me waiting to be won!
Signed Astana jersey. Sweet! 

Ryan talking to past Olympian and Leadville racer Travis Brown 

Lots of people checking out the schwag to be won 

I won a new Bontrager pump and am a happy boy! I've been needing one for two years now and have already used it! 

The consensus among the people that I talked to is that the THOR fundraiser last night was a fun time. Fun not only because of getting to meet Travis Brown, watching Race Across the Sky, and of course the raffle and silent auction. But because it was a great time to hang with the people that you normally only see on Monday night rides, or people that you work with on the trails, or the people that you give a nod to at the Psycowpath races. Congrats to THOR on raising more than expected in terms of fundraising, and thanks to everyone who set this up and came to the fundraiser. Can't wait to do it again!

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