Monday, June 7, 2010

My sister's graduation from Optometry school

Wow, I've been so busy this past week that I neglected to blog about the person most important in my life. My sister Sandra! She graduated four years ago from Cornell University in Ithaca, not really knowing which route to take in life. With myself being in the healthcare/eye ball business, I kind of pushed her in that direction. I love what I do, the people are nice, and I think she would really enjoy working in the field. So, she applied and got into optometry school at the New England College of Optometry. Fast forward four years later and graduation day was upon her. I flew out to Boston for her commencement, where my parents had made the 16 hour drive the day before. I of course was the photographer, huge camera and all. Lots of laughs, hugs, and smiles filled the convention center that day. Then it was off to Newport, RI to get her car and her belongings. Then two hours back to Boston before the next day's 16 hour car drive back in two separate cars. Whew, finally made it. Then off to mid Michigan the next day to play around in the sand dunes, before flying out of Chicago the next day. A four day weekend filled with lots of emotion and family time. What a great way to spend Memorial day weekend! We're all very proud of you Sandra, or shall I call you Dr. Sandra W. now???


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