Saturday, June 26, 2010

All I saw was grass coming towards my face...

That best sums up my night ride tonight at Tranquility. Not sure if I have ever gone for a trail ride on a Friday after work and the gym. Usually out partying or just sitting on the couch after wrapping up a long week. Paul's Fride email was sent, I said heck yeah I'm down for a Friday ride, hence Fride. But one catch, it will be a night ride! Pumped up the Race Kings on the Trek (new pump works beautifully), new odi grips like krazy glue under my gloves, roll out!

Notice the moon in the background of the picture! Sweet!

After the panel discussion last night at the THOR fundraiser, I decided to leave the Honda in the garage and bike over to Paul's instead. It's a short two miles and I should have been biking to the MNRs in the first place. My fault for being so lazy. Yeah yeah yeah, it's a time constraint after getting out of work and making my way down Maple. Whatev.

Paul and I discovered just how nice the evening was once we got on the trail. Nice wind to keep us ventilated, the bugs weren't chewing yet (thanks to the Deet), and there was a full moon helping to illuminate the trail. The trail was dry for the most part, maybe a few spots here and there that can splash some mud on your calves.  Chris P was out putting up THOR signage and only two other riders on the trail at the beginning. By lap two the trail was getting dark and it was time to switch on the Stella.

The new grips and Stella were ready to go for a night ride

My phone was ringing like crazy, but I usually choose to ignore my phone calls while on rides. Suddenly, Todd merges onto the trail behind me and in front of Paul. What the? So Todd joined us on our second lap and we stopped to watch the fireworks coming from the north. Once back to the gravel road Paul decided to call it good. Todd and I decided we might as well do another since we're here. My third lap, out of water, quads beginning to cramp. Should have been my sign. But who cares! It was too nice of a night on the trail to call it quits. Riding the northside, I was beginning to get tired and sluggish. Had lifted at the gym after work and my energy was getting low. Once we got near the fork in the trail by the Fort Street entrance, I decided to take the shorter left side while Todd went to the right. Unfortunately I had followed him at first, then cut left through the grass. Next thing I know, I was flying through the air! I ended up doing an endo and saw the grass hitting my yellow Jawbones. My right hand was still on my right grip (I tell you those odi grips are like velcro!) and I had landed on my left arm. Whew! Nothing broken, no open wounds. Good to go. I looked and there was a 4 inch tall log buried in the grass after the fork in the trail. I didn't see it in the dark and the tall grass hid it like a hot dog in a bun. My bike obviously didn't clear it, but I sure as heck did!
Todd telling Paul about his good experience at Greenstreet Cycles today

We laughed about it and continued on. I mentioned to Todd in the pine trees that the birds are angry at us for waking them with our lights, voices, and bikes rolling through. He slows down and kind of goes slightly off the trail. Haha, a bird sh*t right on his arm! I booked it out of there and said let's get the hell out! Todd calls his Giant the Blue Bomber, but I think this time it was he who was getting bombed!
Seriously, do we look like bullseyes? 

It was such a good ride, maybe we need to consider doing a TGIF night ride or something? Not only will I be saving money by not going out, but I'll get some cardio in at the same time. It's a win win situation! Just watch out for them birds...and those hidden logs.


  1. Glad that log didn't ruin your weekend or worse. That is hilarious about the birds. We were just commenting on the previous lap how hostile they seemed to be about us being there at night. Those birds have some skills hitting Todd on a mountain bike. Thanks for riding with me on a Friday night.

    Good Fride!

  2. Looks you all had a great time, look out for the mean birds.

  3. Glad nothing but laughs after the endo. Don't diss the birds when they can hear you! Actually they may have been diving for bugs around you. They were going back and forth in front of me mowing too.

    With the summer heat, riding with lights will be more comfortable. I've ridden at night when its hot and little wind - lots of bugs to be seen in the light beam.