Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The future is

These are straight out of a scifi movie. Out of a military movie where the soldiers have HUD (heads up displays) right in front of them through their eyewear. I'm talking about Oakley's latest and greatest snow goggles called the Airwave. They teamed up with Recon to give you goggles that are able to pop up with a perceived 14 inch screen in front of the rider. That screen is able to tell you GPS,  distance, speed, airtime, temps, altitude, and can sync with your smartphone via bluetooth so that you can access your music playlists while on the slopes. Where are your buddies at? It'll help you find them too! The goggles even ship with 600 ski resorts preprogrammed with trail maps. Somewhere I saw it can also show heart rate monitor info.

All of this comes at a price though. A hefty $599 price that is. Maybe Oakley needs to ship me a pair so that I can review it out at Mt. Crescent. I'll make it worth their time. But what's cool about this technology is that it is available to consumers. Not just actors in movies, not just Shaun Wipe who is doing a 1080 on the halfpipe. Regular slope goers can utilize this technology. And who knows, with these, google glasses, and whatever else is out there, it might trickle down to other sports such as biking and what not. How cool would that be?

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