Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lots of Fat Goodness

December 1st, 2012 I participated in a worldwide event. I rode my bike. Haha. Oh, but it was so much more than that. It was the global ride your fat bike day! I have no clue where it originated, but on the fat bike section of the MTBR forum, they were throwing around the idea of a day to ride fat bikes. Snow or now, rain or shine, ride your fat bike. Why? Because the fat bikes are a do anything, go anywhere breed of bikes!

The fog made for a really cool looking ride

Almost looks like we were biking up in the mountains or something, but nope! Just Lewis and Clark

FFF - Fatties Fly Fine from Misterlime on Vimeo.

No views here. Just dense fog. We could have told the stoner that drove up to the monument to have a look out, only to get right back into his car and leave.

Luckily or unluckily depending on how you look at it, we made it out with foggy trails and temps in the 50s. I say unluckily because being a snowbike, it would have been fun to have ridden in snow on December 1st. But heck, we were just happy to have a reason to ride bikes! With fatbikes also working great in the sand, we chose Lake Manawa as the trail of choice.

Manawa Photos

MG on the TTF at Lake Manawa from Misterlime on Vimeo.

These few "bridge" photos were taken with my big Canon. All the rest with either a GoPro or my little Canon Elph. Can you tell the difference in quality? I can for sure!

Cody and I decided to get in a lap a Lewis and Clark before meeting up with the folk at Manawa. It was super foggy out, probably about quarter mile visibility in Council Bluffs at noon time. While it made driving a little hairy, the biking was a blast! I've never biked in fog during the daytime, and it was all so surreal looking. Like being on the trail straight out of a calendar! It was super beautiful out. If the fog rolls in again, I think I'll leave the bike at home and just hike with my camera.

Lewis and Clark is awesome! It was our first time riding the new section out there, and man is it sweet. Its a good little loop, probably adds on a good half mile or so? Some rocks to launch the bike off of, the trail had perfect traction, and with the fog the scenery was just amazing. The bad thing is that Lewis and Clark really showed me how bad of shape I am! huffing and puffing, trying to pedal that fatbike up those long climbs. Uggh. Todd E was out there working on a new section. Looks like more climbing, but that is just part of riding out at Lewis and Clark! Thanks to him and the rest of the THOR crew who have been working hard on both Lewis and Clark, Manawa, and all of the other trails around town. If you see them out there working, defnitely give them a word of thanks and a pat on the back!

With the riding done at Lewis and Clark, it was time to head over to Manawa for some fat sandy goodness. We met up with Chris, big Mike, MG, Karl, and Steve D. Steve B and his two daughters met up with us and he had his Moonlander out. We joked about the need for mini fat bikes for his daughters! As for the rest of us, MG and I had the Salsa Mukluks, while Chris, and Mike had the Surly Pugsleys.

How is the riding out at Manawa you ask? It is great! If you remember how Manawa was before the flooding, I would have to say its just as fun if not even better! Lots of trees to avoid, some sand here and there, lots of log crossings, good times! As of right now, there is about 4.5 (?) miles of trail out there. There was a new section that we rode and its already pretty good to ride. I can't exactly explain how the trail is. It's flat, its fast and tree sectioned, its technical with the log crossings, and its just a wide variety of riding. Everything except the climbing! Steve discussed alot more trail to be proposed, maybe up to 10 miles total. Can't wait!

Not sure if you guys have ever seen a bunny hop on a fat bike, but yesterday was my first. Just so happens that my GoPro captured Chris in mid-air. Pretty cool looking.

Stupid beavers at work on the tree

We picked up a little buddy during the ride. Actually, his name was Buddy. Or was this one Bucky?

Thanks to everyone who rode yesterday. The best thing about the fat bike day is that it got people out to ride on the 1st of December. Whether you had the skinny or the fat, the riding was good and the times were great!

Big Mike trying to look all sexy for the camera

This tree always gives me an uneasy feeling

Leave it to Karl to wipe out

Big Mike and his white Pugs

Some people attach bullhorns to their cars. Not Mike.

I wanted to find a Cabbage Patch Doll and stick it in the middle of these gigantic things whatever they are.

Not sure where this guy was going. 

Until next time!


  1. Nice write up, man... It was great riding with you too. I don't think I've seen you since that race at Swanson, so we need to ride together more often!

    Thanks for all the awesome photos too... That one of me manualling off the planks is fantastic!!

  2. Excellent write up and I love the photos of the riders enjoying the fatties on the beautiful L&C trails!

    Pedal On,


  3. Great ride guys! My daughters and I had a great time, something new and different for all of us. You and the THOR folks have done a fantastic job out there.

    Thank you!

    Steve Barr