Monday, December 24, 2012

Some cool stats. 1000 miles in 2012 ?

 Crap! I need 11 miles to break 1000 miles for the 2012 year. I know they say that you shouldn't keep track and log your miles, but I did. And it shows some VERY interesting results. I easily made 1000 miles in 2011. Was hoping to make at least 1250 this year. And I was on track. Until June came around...

The blue is the mileage from 2011. Red is 2012. I was on track the first half of this year for making it to 1250 miles. And then I put the offer down on my house. June 29 was my closing date. Can you tell? And once July hit, I was no longer biking to and from the trail back to my apartment. So each ride became about four miles shorter for me. On top of that, I was moving boxes from my third floor apt, middle of the summer, no elevator and using my Accord to move the small stuff. All while working the overtime at work.  November I was not feeling 100% with colds and with the weather getting colder. So I missed a couple of the rides. Interesting enough, October of 2011 is when I got my fatbike. It was one of my top two months of riding! New bikes will do that to you!

Stats of miles logged with which bike. Clear choice of which bike I use most.

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