Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tranquility Trailday - Branches and Trash

After riding at Tranquility last Monday, it was clear that a trailday was necessary to whip the place into shape. There were branches everywhere on the ground, along with low hanging trees that practically took the light off of your helmet.

Ten of us plus three dogs made it out for a spectacularly nice sunny Saturday morning. Loppers, rakes, chainsaws, handsaws, and garbage bags were all that were needed this day. Trees and trash were the main focus. All sides of Tranquility were worked on and the one hour flew by. Tranquility finally got the haircut it deserved. A winter's worth of heavy snow really showed its effect on the trees. And the growth since last year was also apparent.

Dave N, Dave M, and myself then proceeded to head to the north of Fort side to clean trash. Eventually, the other crew met up with us on bikes and helped us in finishing the trash clean up.

I can't believe the amount of trash that we picked up just on that section of trail by the houses. We walked out with at least four full trash bags, two full boxes, and a full garbage can of junk. I found laminated fully intact health insurance cards, unopened cans of beer, tons of styrofoam, newspapers, and a ton of plastic grocery bags. Dave M even found a conch shell.

After the trash was picked up, we proceeded to do a lap around Tranquility. It felt good to be out in shorts and short sleeves. The wind eventually picked up by 1pm but that didn't stop the riders and runners from showing up at Tranquility. By the time we left, the parking was nearly full. Thanks to all who came out that morning to help with the trailday!

I was trimming this tree and I heard something move above me. I looked up and it looked like a plastic bag was moving around, but it had weight to it. Upon further inspection I found out it was an owl! It was trying to get out of the branches but kept hitting them like a pinball machine. This was the best picture I could get of it before it flew away. 

Trash everywhere

Virgin loppers no more! The conch shell that Dave found

The full can of beer now resides in a new home

Lets RIDE!

Can you believe it? More dirt dumping.

Recovery food and drink at Old Chicago

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  1. Thanks for documenting the day, it was nice to ride in shorts again. Tranquility is looking good!