Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snowboarding in God's Country

Colorado trips are always awesome. Whether visiting friends in Denver, or hitting the slopes in the surrounding areas, a trip out to CO always ensures a great time. Cody, Chad, Toby and I hit up Loveland and A basin last weekend. Three snowboarders and one skier is how it turned out. God's Country as we called it. It's still surreal to me when you get up there. Gorgeous views everywhere!

The Dill family photo

The winds were intense! See the ice and snow blowing around?

The snow was decent out there. Not a lot of fresh powder, of course they got the snow AFTER we left! Steamboat supposedly got 16 inches of snow the day before we went out. But we weren't heading there. It was still a good time and was nice to get out on the slopes.

Our first day at Loveland

You can stop the APB, "Waldo has been found" and he's a snowboarder!

Such amazing views up there. And that is snow blowing around, 50+ mph hour winds while we were up there.

Fun things from the trip? How about the gas station that ran out of gas? The only attendant had to run outside and pump the gas for three the cars because the gas was flowing at about 10 cents worth per minute. We all joked how we could have eaten anything inside the store. But then again, the store was stacked to the ceiling with knives and swords galore for sale in the back. And me asking the clerk if he was Vietnamese, he said yes, I said I'm Cantonese. And I said that I could tell he was Vietnamese by the cookies for sale on the counter top. As I pointed, he said those are cookies from Mexico. Man I felt like a dummy for making small talk, my bad!
This was a pretty intense gas station. Knives, swords, and whatever those things are right next to the Hot Wheels!

The Loveland version of the bloody mary. ONLY $6 here

I was thirsty, what can I say? What the picture missed is the middle finger that went up from Cody after the picture was taken! And then came the shots of Jameson from the ol' Yeti flask.

And then you have the A Basin version. ONLY $10. 

I ate more than anyone else out there. Huge burritos at Loveland, the French onion soup at Red Mountain Grill along with the prime rib melt with aus jus, and then Cody and I had more Mexican at Fiesta Jalisco. The Fiesta Enchilada that Cody had was huge!

Cody and Toby split their burrito. Not this guy!

After the talk about Melanie's french onion soup, we all had to get one that night at Red Mountain Grill. Except for Toby who walked to Dominos. Haha. 

It was a Fiesta of an Enchilada at Fiesta Jalisco

The memorable bloody mary's. Especially the ones from A-Basin with fresh crispy bacon. good. A little too good. I drank mine fast! But they were also $10 a piece! We later switched to New Belgium beers, got a very cool mug out of the whole deal.

No falling the first day, except when the wind blew me over. Second day was good at first. Eventually I fell so hard and slid that it caused my GoPro to shut off and cause a SOS error. Now that's bad!

The most remembered thing from the trip? The snoring in the hotel room! Four guys in a small room snoring. Cody and I were trying to sleep the last night and he yelled at his bro Chad, told him to quit the snoring because even the people on the 3rd floor could hear him snoring! Was there even a third floor? I wanted to bust out so loud with laughter. But I held it in. Good times fellas, can't wait for next year!

On the rim of Montezuma's Bowl

Toby was a hurting boy by the end of the day

Also, the blue mogul section that I was having a blast on. First time I followed Chad and Cody into it by accident. The next four times I went through I was having a blast. Some exposed rock so you had to be careful. But I was taking it easy going down. So easy in fact that the little 10 year old on ski in pink was waiting for me and watching me. I tried to get her to go (so not to embarass myself in front of her), but she refused and watched me slowly tumble my way down.

One of my favorite shots. Chad on the skis.

The blue slightly mogul section that was kicking my butt but I was having fun anyways

I've got pictures and movies galore. Every once in awhile on the slopes, you just have to sit down and take in the views. The weekend went way too fast out there. Pictures for now, maybe one day the vids will be up. I wonder I can pay someone to put together all my movies for me. Any takers. jk.

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  1. Great times Mike, I'm glad you came along! Great post as always!