Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MNR - A Ride of Opposites

I would consider last night's ride the first spring ride of the year. Temps were in the high 50s and the daylight is sticking around longer. How was Tranquility riding? I wouldn't exactly say great, but it was nice to get out on the dirt. The trail was muddy and at the same time dusty. Temps were warm, but colder towards the end of the night. Branches were down instead of up. The ride started off sunny and ended in the dark. And finally, parts of the trail were hard dirt, while certain parts were muddy and soft.
How many cracked heads did it take to cause this? 

Still pretty muddy by the creek. I couldn't even figure out how to walk around this.
Actually, the trail was pretty soft for most of the ride. Energy zapping soft. Your tires would just fill up with mud, make your already heavy enough bike heavier, and it felt like you were riding uphill for most of the ride. It took alot more energy to get through the trail. Or maybe I'm just out of shape. Thanks to Dale for the beers. And thanks to Eric, Dale, and Paul for riding!


  1. I rode Tranquility this morning before work. The trail was a little better than Monday. It was also 25 degrees warmer than it is now (Wed. noon).

    Funny how I was thinking I should get a photo of all the bikes in the yard. You're a mind reader.

  2. That's funny...somehow when I parked my bike, I looked and it was so bright and yellowish outside, thought it would make for a photo. Good ride, legs were sore the next day!