Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trailday before winter hits

You gotta work to play. There were two THOR traildays at Manawa and Tranquility yesterday. Great turnout for help at Tranquility, I think the word got around at the last Monday Night Ride. Riders were armed with shovels, Mcleods, and rogue hoes in hand to give the trail a touch up before the snow hits. Trees were trimmed, edges were leveled, and water channels were put in to help with the erosion and ruts. Great day for trailwork. Thanks for taking care of the trail everyone!

Great turnout, few people I didn't know were there to help

Aaron and Dave N were taking care of the edges 
Yes, even I get into the pictures sometimes! 

Creating a diversion channel 
Dmars, Chris, Dave, Dale, and Paul there to represent! 

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