Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today's interesting ride

I hope that everyone got a chance to get some pedaling in this weekend. With temps in the 60s and 70s, we may not see this weather until next spring! I had quite the interesting ride today.
Leaves everywhere at Jewell, makes it hard to climb in areas 

Decided to torture myself and get some riding in at Jewell, just for the fun of it I had thought. Man that place hates me. Can't breathe, can't climb, not sure why I bothered. I wasn't even five minutes into the lap when I stopped under a tree. Hmmm...sunny out. Sometimes my camelback leaks a little bit of water out and it drips onto my legs. But why did it feel like raindrops were falling on my head. And I'm talking BIG raindrops.
The bird said howdy DOODY to me today  

Carry on I said after trying to help a rider. Something isn't right. So I stopped and took off my helmet. Yellow shi*t all over my helmet, complete with seeds. Blech. You know how when you shop for a helmet, you pay more for the ones with the bigger and more air vents? Well, one disadvantage the helmet companies don't tell you. More bird shi*t goes through and onto your hair. Yeah. After cleaning my helmet off with the abundance of leaves on the ground, I go to wipe the sweat out of my hair. Not all sweat came off in my hand. Included were more seeds and yellow poo. Digusting.

Two deer on the right, at least four on the left 

Finished my lap at Jewell and decided to pack it up pack in. Might as well hit up Swanson for a lap. Why not? Weather nice, sun still out. Swanson was more forgiving, I would like to credit the warm-up lap at Jewell, but I think Swanson is just much easier in general. Lots of deer, lots of riders (some riding backwards on the trail)...AND...A motorcyclist was on the trail with his bike going backwards on the trail!!! WTF!!!! I almost hit him head on coming around the corner at the top of the prarie section. What a f*kin dumb*ss!!! I was too much in awe to even say anything to him. He just kept going and didn't look back.

Double dose of trails, double dose of bird crap, motorcycle nearly hits me head on, and a ton of wildlife. All in a day's ride!

The idiot on a motorcycle, going the wrong direction to make it worse 

Private property to the right, don't even think about it. 

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  1. Bah, them little birds are nothin. Come on over and i'll let my 7lb monster bird give ya a present. He's got me a couple times and it ain't pretty...